It's FRIDAY...time for the Booty Song. Every Friday we have made it a point to shake our booty  to the 'Booty Song' by Tim Wilson. And, if we don't play it, we get peeps bugging and asking 'Where's the Booty song?'So where did this Friday ritual start and how did it become a Friday staple with Leo and Rebecca in the Morning? The song was actually sent to us anonymously through email and a listener actually dared us to play it on the radio. You  see, the booty song is actually from a country artist named Tim Wilson and it's actually called the 'Booty Man'. The listener didn't think we would play such a silly song on a Hip Hop and R&B station. Well, that's where he was wrong. We threw it on  as a joke not thinking much about it. The phones went crazy and everyone bugged us weekly to play it again. So since then it's been a silly Friday thang. So, here's to your booty; dry booty, wet booty, whatever booty.