Have you seen these all around town lately? I would drive by apartments or a car dealership and think what in the world are those? They look like balloons but not really.

So I 'Googled' them and discovered what they are. Balloon bobbers. They are described as being reusable, vinyl balloons. Inflatable, reusable and no helium is needed! How about that? A new alternative to latex balloons. Think about it, someone finally decided to invent these probably because they got tired of getting regular balloons, paying all kinds of money for the helium and the balloon not even lasting through the party or event you needed them for. Genius. lol

These new balloons actually remind me of the big, bouncy balls that you can find at any store that are on display for like 1.99 and your kid bugs until you buy him one. lol They are definitely eye-catching and fun, anytime I would see a 'bouquet' of them anywhere I was curious to know what they were. I must try the balloon bobbers at the next birthday party I plan. Have you seen them or used them?