Jim Spellman/Contributor/GettyImages

I have to say the new Man of Steel movie opens this Friday and I honestly have never been interested in the 'Superman' movies.....until now.

Suddenly I'm a fan and may line up to watch like many others who are looking forward to seeing it, probably for very different reasons. I've heard of kryptonite, but have no clue what it is? I know Clark Kent somehow becomes involved but could honestly careless. What I do know however is that the man who plays Superman has been making his rounds on the talk-show circuit and I just want to know, why had no one told me he was such a hottie??

Henry Cavill, a British actor, and tall, dark and handsome man seems to have caught my eye recently, while some of you may have already seen him in movies like Immortals, The Count of Monte Cristo or on the Showtime series, The Tudors. Whatever the case, this girl better have a front row seat, complete with popcorn and coke for the 'Man of Steel' opening this Friday. Any ladies care to go with? lol