As 80's week wraps up, I have to go there.....80's FASHION! I have an older sister who to me, had the coolest clothes in the 80's. I always wanted to wear her shoes, sweaters, jewelry anything in her closet back in the day. When I was old enough to finally pick out my own stuff, this is what I was about. Don't judge, it's a little offensive. lol

Who remembers the Coca-Cola clothes? I had one of these!


How about acid washed jeans? But, the key was to role them up at the ankle and scrunch your socks up too. OMG.

Ok, let's talk about the belts of the 80's. Give me a hell yeah if you rocked one of these belts!

Are you kidding me with the bomber jackets? I didn't have one, but I sure did sport my boyfriend's at the time. lol

And finally, the shoelaces....I believe I had the ones with lips. I love the 80's!