I try not to get too gloomy in my blogs but in honor of vegetarian day I figured I would show you what made me vegetarian.


I know this video is based on the Tyson Company but believe it or not, all of this is legal and common practice for ANY large meat company in the USA. What they do to pigs is nothing compared to what cows and chickens go through and this isn't a quick death.


Its a lifetime of suffering, anguish, torment, discomfort, and cruelty. I don't expect anyone to become vegetarian by watching this but I would like to encourage you to eat one completely vegetarian meal a day. Lol no that doesn't mean salad.


Look up vegetarian meals at local fast food places, or recipes and you might be pleasantly surprised. If just 10 people at only ONE meatless meal a day for a year imagine how many animals that ends up saving. Believe it or not, only 10 people not eating meat for one meal a day can save up to 300 animals per year. Its not the meat I'm against.


Its the level of cruelty involved due to the extremely high demand for factory farms because of how much meat Americans consume that I'm trying to help stop. Factory farms are only necessary because we eat so much meat. If Americans could eat just one veggie meal a day, not only would it enable us to go back to regular farms where animals live half way descent lives, but I think you'll find your weight loss goals and overall health easier to maintain as well. Help an animal and help yourself by eating just one vegetarian meal a day.