I like to think that I can' Man Up' most of the times. Flat tire? I'll change it. Someone disrespects my woman? I'll speak up. A BEE flies in my face.......I will run like a fool! Why is it that when it comes to a bee chasing you; you end up looking like a wuss.  Just the other day we were BBQing with some friends when all of a sudden a bee is hovering around and coming at me. Heck yeah I ran and starting swatting the air. Everyone started laughing of course and I played it off but not before I had to pick up my man card off the floor. Look; I can be macho and man up plenty of times, but when it comes to insects attacking me, that's when I revert to a 3 year old kid on the run. Am I at least manning up by admitting it? LOL maybe , maybe not. Okay I got owned by a bee.  Do you have any other situations where a guy loses his man card?