All the lifeguards in this video were fired for having 'Gangnam Style' fever. The latest craze is the 'Gangnam Style' video and dance from Korean artist PSY. And, everybody is doing the dance and making their own You Tube versions. Which, is exactly what this group of lifeguards did in El Monte, California.  The video got out and the city council had them all fired. I guess they felt like they were 'playing around' on their job and felt 'embarrassed' their city was portrayed this way'. Really? What a bunch of fools! Honestly this is probably the best thing that has happened this this city of 115,000 residents. You can't ask for this kind of publicity. After watching this video I want to 'hang' with these peeps and even visit the city. But, not now! The city council rejected having them all hired back even after a Facebook campaign hit the web to hire them back. C'mon city council; do the right thing and rehire these guys. Even Korean singer PSY  has made a plea to them to hire them back. Maybe the City Council of El Monte California needs to get of their butts and do a 'Gangnam Style' dance video and loosen up a bit.