It seems like everyday we get to see a new picture of a pregnant Kim Kardashian but one she posted recently really caught my eye. Probably because here in the very near future I will be in her shoes. (not literally) lol

After a long, hard day of 'being Kim Kardashian' she posted a pic, on Instagram, of her little piggies swollen, from being in heels all day. Wow! Girl even has the imprint from the shoe, ouch! Unfortunately, momma's can sympathize, remember being preggers and the swelling that goes with? I'm not swollen just yet but I'm sure I will soon and I definitely don't plan on wearing heels like these anyway. I prefer comfort, thank you. lol 

Speaking of, don't forget to cast your vote in the Rebecca vs. Kim contest at We are both due in July, so the question is....who will have her baby first, myself or Kimmie K? Vote now!