When Dave Chappelle stopped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Friday (June 13), the two traveled down memory lane and talked about the comedian's first encounter with Kanye West when he had him as a guest on 'Chappelle's Show,' before he became the superstar we know him to be today.

"I didn't even know him until the time he did the show," Chappelle admitted. "And then my friend was telling me you gotta book this guy, Kanye. I say OK. I book the guy, and it was like Muhammad Ali in Olympic Village, like he just knew he was gonna get the gold. And it was the day Jay Z's 'Black Album' came out, and it was me and Common and [Talib] Kweli and Kanye, the guy nobody knew."

They all listened to the album, and Jay Z gave props to Kanye on one of the tracks, 'Luicfer' ("Kanyeezy you did it again, you a genius n----!"). Up until that point, Chappelle said Ye had been quite the entire day, but spoke out at that moment. "Stop the record. And rewind that!" the comedian recalled while the 'Tonight Show' audience laughed. Jay also rhymes about Kweli and Common on the song, but Chappelle described them having very different reactions from West.

Chappelle also shared a story about what went down in the edit room. "We go into the edit, and this is when everyone knew Kanye was gonna be a star," he said. "We show them the Rick James sketch and all these other sketches. And in the middle of it, Kanye's phone rings. He said, 'Hello. No, no I can't. No because I'm at the edit for the 'Dave Chappelle Show,' watching sketches no one's seen before.' And then he goes like this, 'Because my life is dope, and I do dope s---' and he hung up the phone."

In addition to that hilarious Kanye West encounter, Chappelle revealed how he met the Roots for the first. "And I was walking in a mall, and I guess you were there an hour before me so they thought I was a lost Root," he said revealing that people asked for his autograph thinking he was a member of the band.

And one moment that really received a lot of laughs was the fact that Prince used a photo of Chappelle impersonating him on the cover of his single, 'Breakfast Can Wait.' "That's the Prince judo move," Chappelle said. "You make fun of him in a sketch and then he'll use you on an album cover. What am I gonna do? Sue him for using a picture of me impersonating him? It's impossible! That's checkmate right there."

The Roots, Nas, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae and DJ Premier will join Dave Chappelle later this month for a series of shows at Radio City Music Hall.