OMG! If you and your spouse do not fight about little things like this then you are not normal or you're a newlywed. lol I saw this video and had to share. How often do we go through this? The things that annoy you about your significant other or things they do or don't do that you wish they would!

These dumb, little arguments are meaningless and unnecessary BUT they still happen. It's real life. Except the average couple arguments are probably a little bit more 'loud' and 'sincere' I would say. lol The recurring argument in our house is that when I say want something done, I mean for it to get done NOW, not when 'you feel like it.' For example, 'could you throw out the trash?' I want it done on my time, not yours, or it will never get done! Must see and add to the list....what crazy things do you and your boo fight about?