The movie Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal opened last Friday, a friend watched it and said it is an awesome movie! So of course I want to watch it. I hadn't really paid attention to the previews on tv so I didn't know much about it, well after I researched it, I really want to see it now. Here a couple of cool facts about the Southpaw movie....


    • the movie was written with Eminem in mind, he was asked to play the lead character and said yes!
    • weeks before shooting began, Eminem backed out citing 'scheduling conflicts'
    • Jake Gyllenhaal was chosen by the director who felt he would train hard for the role
    • speaking of training, Gyllenhaal trained for 8 months straight, twice a day, everyday including weekends
    • the director trained with him everyday to get him motivated
    • Eminem loved Jake's performance in the movie so much, he recorded songs for the soundtrack

Watch Jake train for his role:

Official Southpaw trailer: