Carmen Calls

Carmen Calls Looking For A Coloring Book? (AUDIO)
There are all types of coloring books. There are even 'Adult' coloring books. And, no it's not what you think. But, according to Carmen maybe it is that 'type' of coloring book.
Check out the latest Carmen Calls...
Carmen Calls And Wants A Popsicle! (AUDIO)
Today Carmen is in the mood for a Popsicle! So, what does she do best? Yep, she's calling an ice cream place and getting up all in their face.
Listen as she complains and throws out PALATERIA out in this call. Only Carmen!
Carmen Calls – She Is Selling Tamales (AUDIO)
I have not gotten my TAMALES fix this holiday. I mean, c'mon tis the season for some tamales.
I need to get my hands on some this week. But, I probably will not be buying them from Carmen.
Check her out below as she tries to sell her famous TAMALES...
Carmen Needs A Plummer? (AUDIO)
Carmen calls a rooter service, but has it all twisted. I think she has a clogged drain or something. She is requesting a plummer with a plummer's crack!
Check out Carmen making some crazy noise.
Carmen Calls About Stolen Stuff (Audio)
Carmen loves memorabilia. Especially, stolen memorabilia. Check out Carmen make some noise and ruin someone's day. Carmen Calls is brought to you by Smokin J's on Kermit Highway and University in Odessa.
Carmen Calls; Summer Classes [Audio]
Carmen is at it again. She is in charge of summer school and that's no a good thing. Here she is informing someone about thier summer classes. And, she's wanting a bowl of Menudo? lol
Carmen’s Cinco De Mayo Song Ft. Chingo Bling [Audio]
Happy Cinco De Mayo! Enjoy your day today Cinco De Mayo style. Carmen will be celebrating today with some Margaritas!
Here she is teaming up with Chingo Bling with her Cinco De Mayo Song. Only Carmen cam make it sound like this.

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