Message To The Nice Lady That Helped Me Out
Letter to the kind lady who gave up her seat for my 4 year old daughter and I:
So I took a trip over the weekend and flew back yesterday. Because of circumstances beyond our control, we almost missed our flight back home! If you've ever been in this sitch, you know how cray things get and you're lite…
Black Panther VS The Avengers
The new Avengers movie is 2 weeks away and it's doubling what the Black Panther movie did that far room the release date. That's crazy to me.
Don't get me wrong. The first Avengers movie was awesome. I just don't see how this next Avengers is doing better than what I can only call…
I Am That Girl With The Food Porn
I used to say that I wouldn't be one of 'those people' to post pics of whatever they were eating BUT when you have the most amazing meal sitting in front of you at a restaurant you just can't help it sometimes! lol You want to share it with the world. My social media peeps probab…

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