To Shave Those Legs Ladies Or Not?
Ladies, time to 'fess up! A friend of mine told me today that her man called her and said, 'honey your leg hair is longer than mine, time to shave!' I lost it! lol Don't let this be you chica's. But for real though, our mine need to be more understanding...there is really no…
We Need This To Be A Thing Everywhere!
I don't know about you but I definitely think that in this day and age THIS should be a thing everywhere! I was chillin at the Dallas airport recently and while we were waiting for our flight, I was charging my phone. Why oh why do we not have phone chargers everywhere we go?
Ladies-My Nail Tip Of The Day
Alright ladies, I'm all about trying to help out my fellow divas! I'm like most women who like to pamper themselves with a regular mani/pedi and am known for trying out different designs and color combo's so I was excited about my 'New Year's' nail design!

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