Wild, Wild West Fest In Andrews This Weekend
It's that time of year again! Andrews, TX is once again having their Wild, Wild West Fest this Friday and Saturday at the ACE Arena. Lots to do, lots to see and so much to buy! Shop til you drop with the various vendors like Avon, Younique, Advocare, JamBerry, Thirty-One, Norwex and many more.
Yes I Buy Myself This Every Now And Then-Don’t Judge
Anyone ever a craving for cake like me? Not just any slice of cake...carrot, red velvet, chocolate? No thank you. I want birthday cake. Sometimes, just out of the blue. I have a friend who shares my love of birthday cake on occasion. She straight up said she orders herself a little birthday cake eve…
I Got It Right With This Gift!
Isn't it a great feeling when you knock it out of the park with a gift? Especially when that gift was given to a child because let's be real, kids are really only interested in the colorful bag and tissue paper you used to wrap the gift! lol
The Struggle Is Real- I Have To Do This Daily
This is photo of me (even though I'm not in the pic) having to literally walk OUTSIDE, here at work, just to send a text or make a phone call. No lie. I do it everyday. As a matter of fact, it's not unusual to walk out and see several of my coworkers doing the exact same thing!
March Of Dimes March For Babies This Saturday
March of Dimes of the Permian Basin is having a big event this Saturday. The annual 5K Run/Walk is called March for Babies and will take place at Crossroads Church. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and the run/walk is from 10-noon.
I Conquered My Fear
So just FYI I conquered my fear of capuchin monkey's while on vacation a couple of months ago. This lil guy right here was cute as can be in his little diaper but as you can see, I let him get close enough to snap a pic and that is a stretch for me....
Can’t Do Without This On The Daily
This right here is the one thing I cannot do without on the daily. Some peeps need coffee, others can't get enough water, I need my Diet Dr Pepper. 1 a day, everyday. My day is not complete without it. Is that bad? lol
Help A Girl Out! Are These Any Good?
Ok, for now I'm over my fave Vero Mango lollipops that our listeners so kindly helped me find awhile back. I've moved on to other 'mexican candy' because I love it all! Saw these interesting looking things the other day and at first I thought 'sweet something to smack Leo wi…
Do Your Kids Even Know How To Use One Of These?
Earlier this week on the morning show, we talked about a grandmother who got frustrated with her granddaughter for not knowing how to operate an old school rotary phone. lol The know the rest. Our kids are oblivious to the stuff we had to deal with. Heck my 11 year old struggles with…
My Dollar Store Find
I love my trips to the dollar store and let me show you why! I should really start a blog series called, ' my fabulous dollar store find.' I found some five finger shoes for kids. What what!

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