Can’t Do Without This On The Daily
This right here is the one thing I cannot do without on the daily. Some peeps need coffee, others can't get enough water, I need my Diet Dr Pepper. 1 a day, everyday. My day is not complete without it. Is that bad? lol
Help A Girl Out! Are These Any Good?
Ok, for now I'm over my fave Vero Mango lollipops that our listeners so kindly helped me find awhile back. I've moved on to other 'mexican candy' because I love it all! Saw these interesting looking things the other day and at first I thought 'sweet something to smack Leo wi…
Do Your Kids Even Know How To Use One Of These?
Earlier this week on the morning show, we talked about a grandmother who got frustrated with her granddaughter for not knowing how to operate an old school rotary phone. lol The know the rest. Our kids are oblivious to the stuff we had to deal with. Heck my 11 year old struggles with…
My Dollar Store Find
I love my trips to the dollar store and let me show you why! I should really start a blog series called, ' my fabulous dollar store find.' I found some five finger shoes for kids. What what!
The Scott Sign Is Going Away Soon
Crazy how just a couple of months ago I happened to be in the area in Odessa and snapped a pic of the 'iconic' Scott sign. Now I hear it's going away real soon. The old Scott theater brings back some great childhood memories for me. I used to go with my parents, aunts and uncles and w…
What No One Told Me About This Game
I've heard for quite some time now how fun this game is and decided to try it over the Easter weekend. Peeps who told me were right, we had a blast with the fam trying everything from booger, to barf, baby wipe and black pepper. However....
This Stuff Right Here-The Morning After
It's the Monday after Easter and if you don't have a ton of confetti in your hair the morning after, did you even celebrate? lol I was forced to wash my hair this morning because of these little monsters right here.
Job Fair TODAY!
Do you know of someone needing a J.O.B? U.T.P.B is hosting a job fair today,  so pass the word along! From 12p-4p you or anyone you know who may be job searching can stop by the U.T.P.B Gym and have opportunities with some great companies including:
Help A Girl Out With My Current Food Craving
Do you ever just get on one of those kicks where you cannot get enough of a particular food? No I'm not pregnant. lol These days I'm all about enchiladas, or 'chiladas' as my daughter calls them. There are none as good as my momma's but still....
It’s Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work-Day
It's bring-your-kid-to-work day for this momma! As you can see, the entertainment/snack/purse game is strong because the little 4 year old that has joined me today gets bored easily! lol Parents you feel me. It's never a part of 'the plan' but sometimes it's inevitable.

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