FINAL $3 Domino’s Pizza Event Today
Today is the FINAL $3 Domino's pizza event! Your last chance to get your hot, little hands on some yummy Domino's pizza is today from 5-7 at 2 locations. In Midland, downtown Midland on Big Spring St. and in Odessa, West Odessa on Linda Ave.
Know Of Anyone Hiring Teens For The Summer?
Who has bored teens at home? The struggle. Do they need a little summer j-o-b? I remember I was the babysitting queen during my teenage years because my dad was not trying to let me sit at home and do nothing all summer long. lol
I Miss Cakes Like This!
I loved hanging out with our friends at Vintage Deluxe the other day! Especially because I got to check out some cool old school stuff. Check out this cake pan from back in the day...
Why Can I Not Find What I Need?
Ok am I missing something here? You know how sometimes you walk into a department store and see this aisle? The one with all the cute cell phone cases? Well the last couple of times I've actually walked through the aisle because I'm in need of a new case.....only to discover there are no c…
Odessa College Summer Camps For Kids
Are you tired of hearing 'I'm bored and there's nothing to do' yet? Or do your kids stay indoors and play Fortnite all day and you're ready for them to get some fresh air? Well registration is underway for Odessa College Summer Camps! There's basketball and Camp Runamuc…
Playoff Football Hits The 4-3-2 This Weekend!
This Saturday it's all about playoff football in the 4-3-2! The West Texas Pride football team is in the playoffs and YOU are invited to join them in the Pride's Den (Grande Com Stadium in Midland). Saturday June 2nd, your West Texas Pride will be hosting a playoff game at 7 p.m. doors ope…
Are You This Way With Your Alarm?
Ok I legit laughed at myself lastnight as I was setting my alarm before bed. Is this you? I literally was trying to get every last minute of sleep that I could this morning. Who sets their alarm for 4:39? THIS GIRL! It was 9 whole minutes more than I normally wake up. lol

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