Earlier this week, country super-star Jason Aldean admitted to and apologized for, cheating on his wife (pictured) of 11 yrs. He was photographed at a club in L.A. with another woman, flirting, hugging and kissing. Jason apologized publicly, after admitting he drank too much that night and then in an effort to "soften the blow" said he went home alone. Oh ok, you went home alone. So you "half-cheated?" Good for you. All is forgiven. Yeah right! What do you think? Is this his way of making himself feel better about what he did? Is cheating, cheating no matter what? I guess only his poor wife will determine whether he truly cheated and can be forgiven. I guess she can always say, "I'm divorcing you, taking half your millions, taking half of everything we own and we can half the number of homes we have together." Hey, he still has the opportunity to make more money and if he only half cheated then wifey gets what she deserves, right?