Scott Olson/Staff/GettyImages

This story makes me want to slap somebody like Leo and I do all the time on the morning show! The story I'm talking about is how there is a $16 million jackpot in Florida that is at this very moment UNCLAIMED.

In other words, someone has or had a lottery ticket in their possession that is worth millions of dollars and they obviously have no clue. The ticket was purchased back in May and if no one comes forward by the end of today, it will expire. Are you kidding me? If I buy a lotto ticket I'm checking to see if that thing is a winner every five minutes! lol If it's a scratch-off and I win $2? Man I just hit the jackpot! But not everyone is like that. Maybe someone lost the ticket, maybe they put it away and forgot about it?

Who knows, but I'm sure this is not the first or last time this has happened. Have you ever bought a ticket and didn't know it was a winner or lost or forgot you had it?