I can remember waking up at 4am on the day after Thanksgiving and going getting in line at Best Buy for a TV or whatever I needed.  I can remember there was a sense of adventure getting up at 3am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Those of us that participated felt like we were 'shopping rebels.'  You felt like you were part of a secret group that had a leg up on the next guy.

Those days are over and it's kind of sad. It's sad because COMMERCIALISM has won over the traditions of a great holiday.   Remember when Thanksgiving was all about friends and family coming together and counting their blessings.  Now, it's about eating by 5pm because WALMART opens at 6pm now on Thanksgiving Day. Sad, very sad.

Families will now rush through the Thanksgiving meals so they can make the deals.

Wal-Mart announced this year that they will open on Thanksgiving at 6pm.  And, yes others are following suit.    Toys R Us will open on Thanksgiving at 5pm. Best Buy at 6pm and Target at 8pm.

So, the employees of these places will have to rush through their Thanksgiving meals so they can get to the store and work.

So much for Thanksgiving...shopping is more important. Pathetic! Well, maybe the good thing about all this is maybe we will get rid of the Black Friday RUSHES that use to injure people.