Being sick sucks! There is no way around it. You know when you start feeling bad and you think to yourself  it will go away, it will go away, I can't afford to be sick. I've got a family to take care of, work has to be done and I do NOT want to infect anyone around me....well, all week long I kept thinking that. But to no avail. I think I took every over the counter medicine known to man and I just couldn't shake it on my own. Honestly, other momma's know where I'm coming from. We just don't know how to be sick. We know and love to take care of our loved ones when they're not feeling well but it's hard to stop and nurse ourselves back to health. Well, after a few days of being "under the weather" I finally broke down and did it. Made the appointment to see a dr. Got some meds, a shot in the rear (TMI) and I'm on the road to recovery! A big Thank You to all our doctors, nurses and other caregivers who work hard everyday to help folks like me feel better in no time.