This weekend get ready for the much anticipated 'three-quel.' (Yes, I just made that word up.) I'm talking about The Hangover Part III, the last of the Hangover series.

I am a fan of these movies and have seen the other two, so you can bet I'll be making my way to the movie theater in the very near future to see what antics these guys are up to now. Plus, according to, we will get to see the return of 'baby Carlos.' The adorable, blue-eyed baby boy, when he wasn't wearing his glasses, who tagged along with the gang in 2009's The Hangover. Now 4 1/2, 'Carlos' is back, real name (at least in the movie) Tyler is said to have a couple of funny scenes in the movie. Carlos, Carlos!

Do you plan on watching the movie when it comes out this Memorial Day Weekend and if so, who is your favorite character? Or maybe you like Carlos the best like me.