I would hardly call what we have done in our building today, work! We already have tons of fun here at our 'radio ranch' but throw April Fool's Day in the mix and anything can happen. 

As you can see from the picture collage, we got MJ involved. lol Here are a few ideas for pranks that you can pull on your coworkers, it's not quitting time yet:

  • put tape on the bottom of everyone's mouse so they think it doesn't work
  • make someone think they got a 'Justin Bieber virus' by pulling up a picture of him after you have already taped the mouse, they will think the Biebs took over their computer
  • we put our Michael Jackson stand up in the ladies restroom, the screams we heard all morning were so worth the effort
  • stir up rumors with the pregnancy-test-in-the-bathroom-trick

Tell us what pranks you pulled in your office!!