My Man Just Defended His Ex - Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question
Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my girl saw my ex the other day and we didn't say much about it. Well, yesterday she brought it up and said 'yeah, we say your FAT EX the other day and I replied 'Um she's NOT FAT!' ....Yep I Did. Well, now my girl is giving me the sile…
It’s Party On The Patio Day!
Two words: KANE BROWN. Have you made it to a Party on the Patio yet with Leo and Rebecca? If you haven't, I'm just going to assume that you've been 'busy' and you're coming today! Josy's Grill is where the fun is starting at 5 p.m. AND we have Kane Brown tickets to…
We Have A Rat In The Building!
This is why we can't have nice things! Our friend Gilbert was nice enough to bring donuts this morning, however a little raton that we have has to come and ruin it! That rat's name? LEO!

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