As the world learned yesterday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became parents to a healthy baby girl. Some sources say she gave birth up to 5 weeks early due to complications, nothing as far as circumstances involving the baby's birth have been confirmed but what we do know is that, yes, KIM WON! lol

As soon as rumors began circulating on Saturday that Kim had given birth, my phone was going off every couple of minutes with texts coming through from friends and family to tell me the news! I even had people telling me at church on Sunday that Kim beat me. lol My first reaction was, bummer, I'm ready too, followed by good for her, I hope momma and baby are healthy!

Sources close to 'Kimye' say that babydaddy Kanye was right by her side through it all and some are saying baby looks just like momma, with dark hair. By Sunday afternoon, momager Kris and sister Khloe were sending out Congratulatory and Happy Father's Day tweets to Kim and Kanye. Now all we can do is wait for a.)my turn to have my baby girl b.)all the details on Kim and Kanye's baby, including what they named her and c.)the first PICTURES of their newborn.