I heard this joke the other day about things you'd never hear someone say and that had me thinking. What are some things that you would practically never hear someone from in the 4-3-2 say? Check out my list and post yours in the comments.
  • 1

    The rent prices are so affordable here!

  • 2

    Does anyone really make money in the oil industry?

  • 3

    There's so much to do in this area, how will I get to it all?

  • 4

    High school football isn't that big of a deal out here.

  • 5

    The weather is so predictable here, you could set your watch by it.

  • 6

    Driving is so relaxing, I love moseying around town.

  • 7

    Oil, oil, oil. What has it ever done for this area?

  • 8

    The water's great. You can drink it from the tap.

  • 9

    My natural lawn is so green.

  • 10

    Why would anyone want to leave town for vacation? Everything you want is already here.